The CBS Somerton Community Kollel is dedicated to building our community, so we strive to help wherever we can.

We bring Torah to life in our daily learning and classes for the community through our engaging programs.

CBS dinner

Our Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Riber, gives a shiur on the Torah portion each week along with Rabbi Aronzon’s famous chulent!

We run programming for all ages in a warm and friendly atmosphere that bring all kinds of people into the CBS Community Center.

CBS Kollel kids program

Meet CBS Kollel

Rav Meir Riber

Rosh Kollel

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Rav Riber is the Rosh Kollel/Rav of the Somerton Community.

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Rabbi Hoffman

Program Director

A native of California, Rabbi Hoffman lived in Jerusalem for six years where he studied at Aish HaTorah.

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Rabbi Finegold

Kollel Member

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Rabbi Finegold received rabbinical ordination from Aish HaTorah Jerusalem in ‘Hilchos Shabbos’ under Rabbi Avigdor Nevinzahl.

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Rabbi Aronzon

Kollel Member

From Scranton, Rabbi Aryeh Leib Aronzon attended yeshiva for a number of years before settling into the CBS Somerton Kollel.

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Rabbi Daitchman

Kollel Member

Originally from Queens NY, Rabbi Doniel Daitchman learned in Jerusalem at Yeshivas Bais Yisroel.

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Elan Paul

Kollel Member

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