Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Meir Riber

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Rav Riber is the Rosh Kollel and Rav of the Somerton Community. He served as a Rebbi and Mashgiach in Aish HaTorah, Yerushalayim, for ten years before moving with his family to Philadelphia to take the helm in Somerton. 

Before Aish HaTorah, Rav Riber learned for over a decade at the Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim. He learned under HaRav Asher Areili shlita, and from there spent several years in a Brisker chabura. Then he studied in an Issur v’Heter chabura, where he eventually gained his semicha. In addition, he had the opportunity to develop close relationships with HaRav Yitzchok Berkowitz shlita and Rav Reuven Leuchter shlita. Rav Riber and his Rebbetzin have dedicated themselves and their energies to leading and developing the community ever further. 

Kollel Members

Program Director
Our Kollel - Daitchman

Rabbi Doniel Daitchman

Originally from Queens NY, Rabbi Doniel Daitchman attended Mesivta Ateres Yaakov (M.A.Y) in the 5 towns for high school. He learned in Yeshivas Ohr Yerushalayim and Yeshivas Bais Yisroel where he became a part of the kollel while growing close to many of the Rebbeim there. A talmid of Rav Doniel Lehrfeld Shlita and his uncle Rav Yehoshua Liff, he has also studied in depth aggadata with Rav Dovid Kaplan shlita.

Rabbi Daitchman is a professional sushi chef as well as a top rank athlete and musician. He has a close relationship with the teenagers in our community and recently started working as the kollel’s Program Director.

Rabbi Yaakov Tzvi Hoffman

A native of California, Rabbi Hoffman graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Classical French Horn performance from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He and his family then headed to Jerusalem. There he studied at Aish HaTorah for six years, earning his Rabbinic ordination under Rav Tzadok Cable.

Afterwards he and his family voluntarily spent five years in Bloomington, Indiana doing Jewish outreach at Indiana University. There he become an honorary AEPI brother, and brought Tuesday night cholent and Torah physically into various Frat houses. 

Now, he and his wife are happy to be a part of helping the Somerton community grow and flourish.

Kollel Program Director
Our Kollel - Aronzon

Rabbi Aryeh Leib Aronzon

Rabbi Aronzon grew up in Scranton, PA, and went to a yeshiva somewhere. He is going to send in his own bio soon.

Rabbi Yiddy Moskowitz

Originally from Boro Park, Yiddy graduated from Mesivta Beis Ahron Tzvi D’Veretzky in 2012. From there he went on to learn in the Philadelphia Yeshiva under the leadership of HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky shlita, R’ Shalom Kamenetsky, and R’ Shimon Yehuda Svei. He then went on to Beis Medrash Gavoha during which time he got married. After his marriage, he and his wife went to live in Eretz Yisrael. While there he attended the shiur of R’ Asher Arielli. In 2018 he and his wife returned to the States and settled in Lakewood where Yiddy returned to BMG. In 2020 he briefly attended a kollel halacha in Lakewood before he and his wife made the move to Somerton to join the growing community.

Pinchas Zytnick

Pinchas was born and bred in Brooklyn. He graduated from Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch of Washington Heights under the auspices of Rabbi Zacharia Gelley. After working for a short time in the kashrut industry, he spent over three years in Israel at Yeshivas Aish Hatorah. While there he studied under Rabbi Moshe Leader shlita, Rabbi Meir Riber shlita, as well as other Rabbanim in the kiruv world. 

After yeshiva, he lived in the Old City working as an apprentice electrician before coming to Somerton. There he made connections, found his kallah, and carved out his place as a member of the CBS Somerton Community Kollel. In his spare time, he can be found installing, fixing, and troubleshooting various household commodities in the neighborhood.

Rabbi Moshe Finegold

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Rabbi Finegold graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion, before heading off to yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel. There he received rabbinical ordination from Aish HaTorah in ‘Hilchos Shabbos’ under Rabbi Avigdor Nevinzahl, and a degree in ‘Community Leadership & Jewish Education’ from Ner LeElef. He also learned in Yeshivas Mir, under Rabbi Resnick.

After five years in Jerusalem, Rabbi Finegold and his wife Chana arrived at the CBS Kollel of Somerton in 2016. In his position, he teaches students of all ages and religious backgrounds in a host of Torah topics, and features on guitar for our Kollel’s seasonal musical concerts.

Second Seder Rosh Chaburah
Our Kollel - Finegold

Rabbi Yosi Lindenbaum

Originally from Queens NY, Rabbi Yosi Lindenbaum currently runs RAJE Philly. 

Benyamin Spivack

Hailing from Brooklyn, Binyomin spent 3 years learning at Aish Hatorah in Jerusalem before moving to Philadelphia and joining the Kollel.