Weekly Programs

Sponsor Breakfast Program

Breakfast & Learn

Join us every Sunday morning at 9 am for a bagel breakfast and stimulating topics in halacha with our Rosh Kollel.

Makkos Shiur

Rabbi Riber’s talmud shiur gets together Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening for a deeper look into the Torah. They are currently studying tractate Makkos.

Sukkah Program
Mishmar Program

Boys Mishmar

Boys grades 3-9 learn with our kollel rabbis every Thursady night. After each month of learning, they are treated to an amazing trip.

Parsha & Cholent

Thursday nights before mincha, come enjoy the Rosh Kollel’s amazing parsha shiur over cholent.

Parsha Programs
Sponsor Teen/Kollel Basketball Program

Kollel / Teen Basketball

Every few weeks after shabbos, members of our kollel team up with teens from the community for a few games.

Other Programs

Davening Bucks

Kids who come to shabbos and holiday davening earn Davening Bucks. They can then use those bucks to buy prizes every other month.

Davening Bucks Program
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Holiday Programs

Delicious food, great company, music, fun and games. This is some of what our kollel brings to your holidays.

Kollel Band

Our kollel is musically talented. This gives us the opportunity to put on performances for the community. 

Concert Programs
HOK & Rock Programs

HOK Concerts

The Kollel Band occationally teams up with House of Kosher for a night of music.

All of our programs are funded completely through your generous donations. Click here for a listing of all our sponsorship opportunities. Please consider sharing in our efforts!