If you are interested in partnering with us on any of our amazing programs below, please contact Rabbi Daitchman (845) 664-5128, or email us at cbskollel@gmail.com. Every sponsor has the opportunity to dedicate that program in honor of any person or event.

Sunday morning Breakfast & Learn:
 ($60): bagels and cream cheese & a veggie plater
Basic ($120): bagels and cream cheese with 2 lox and 1 veggie platter, orange juice
Large ($300): bagels and cream cheese with 3 lox, 1 veggie and 2 cheese platter, white fish, 2 smoothies, orange juice

Sponsor Parsha Shiur

Thursday night Chumash & Cholent:
Basic ($60): Our parsha shiur features cholent and drinks along with Rabbi Riber’s amazing Torah.

Kids Mishmar:
Basic Weekly ($20): Snacks for the kids goes a long way for their learning. 
Monthly Trip ($300): Sponsor a special trip for kids that attend regularly. We take these trips every 5 weeks.

Sponsor Mishmar
Teen/Kollel Basketball Programs

Motzei Shabbos Basketball: 
($150): Sponsor 1 session of teen-kollel basketball. Each week gives the group a chance to play a few 5-on-5, full court games.

($300): Sponsor teen-kollel basketball for a month.

($100): 1 month of coffee, cups, milk, & sugar
($50): 1 month of coffee
($20): 1 month of cups

If you want to give virtually, visit our donate page, click here, or give to Rabbi Daitchman. Any check made out to CBS is tax deductable.